Burning Man 2013 Cargo Cult

Part One: The Desert Wizards of Mars bring the Mars Rover Art Car to Burning Man 2013.

Yes, we made it to Burning Man 2013: Cargo Cult!

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our crew, and the generous support from our fans, we launched to Burning Man as planned. This video, compiled and edited by Admiral Jet Burns, chronicles the first part of the journey to the playa.

Mars Rover Updates

Updates from the MRAC shop!

Over the past several months of the summer, there has been some very hard work done on the Mars Rover Art Car.

Here are a few examples:

Road Test:

On the road again…The Mars Rover Art Car (under heavy construction) is out on a road test. We be a rov’n rov’n rov’n!!!

Mars Rover Being Driven

Mars Rover Being Driven


Say ‘Cheese’ little rover…

Say "Cheese" little rover!

Say “Cheese” little rover!


(Your exclusive sneak peek during the construction of MRAC). Note: This is still under heavy construction and since this photo much has been done.
Including the installation of the LED Television on the front of the car that will play landing videos.

A small strike team of Rovernauts went on an away team mission to the Rental Car Rally from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon and survived.

Rovernaut Update

Rovernaut Update