Dustiny’s Maiden Voyage

As we begin preparation for Dustiny’s THIRD trip to the playa, we’re feeling a little nostalgic. They say you never forget your first time, and in the case of the Mars Rover Art Car’s first trip to the playa, that is very true. Here are some of our favorite photos from Burning Man 2013.

The Captain and the Admiral
9678694957_b7a1fbaed1_oIt took a ridiculous amount of work to get here, and it didn’t even kill their friendship! In fact, the long hours of building, solving problems,  sweating, commiserating, and encouraging each other to keep going, created a strong friendship. The Admiral and Captain Everything are best friends for life. And eternally grateful to the rest of the MRAC crew!

Street Legal!9678485427_eb725f64ef_oWell, street legal in Black Rock City anyway! All art cars need to pass inspection and be approved by the Department of Mutant Vehicles. Here’s Dustiny getting licensed for playa-driving, as Motorbike Matt, Captain Everything, and Mama Overlord excitedly look on.

Dustiny9681906206_e3648c7882_oNow you know why she’s called Dustiny.

For Science!9678852769_08a13dd3d2_oThe Rovernauts are gathering samples out in Deep Playa.
Because Science!

Alien Landscape9678687945_c3180ac993_oMotorbike Matt was our main driver during Dustiny’s virgin year out on the playa.

Past Meets Future9678600099_cc7b532a4e_oReconnaissance mission with the Neverwas Haul. We met with their crew and had a Rovernaut Invasion, er… tour, of this beautiful Victorian steampunk house art car.

Inside the Perimeter

The Mars Rover Art Car was invited inside the perimeter so we could broadcast the burn of the Man over the internet! One of our main goals for the trip to BRC with the MRAC was to broadcast back to the default world, just like the Mars Curiosity Rover broadcasts back to Earth from Mars. Being able to do this was an honor and a privilege that we’ll never forget.

Communications Team
9681895948_d92a85b739_oBroadcasting the Burn would not have been possible without this incredible team — Matt and Marc worked technological magic and got us online in a mostly-internetless environment. They kept the equipment running through dust and smoke.
Basically, these guys totally rocked Burn Night.

Burn Night

Matt and Marc keeping the cameras streaming while Rovernauts watch the Man burn. Major Tom standing beside the Rover with his camera. His photos from Burn Night are amazing. And we’ll be posting them soon. Stay tuned!

A Wonderful First Trip to the Playa
9678616979_3cb5c01c69_oThis was not only Dustiny’s first trip to the playa. It was also Mama Overlord’s first trip. The Admiral was thrilled that his amazing wife had such a wonderful time at Burning Man. She is a true Burner. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she also gets huge kudos for putting up with the Rovernaut crew building art at her home for the past 3+ years!