Mars Rover Art Car Design

PayPal Donation Station…

Mars Rover Art Car from Justin Gunn on Vimeo.


[Click on picture] We are presently working on our Kickstarter funding site to make this happen. We are also applying for some possible grant money for our instruments… BUT… we need some cash now to continue the build. If you are as excited as we are (and that little girl) then please donate through the safe method of PayPal.

THANK YOU! Each person donating will be kept on record for some swag rewards and kickback when our Kickstarter page goes online.


Construction of the Mars Rover Art Car

The crew has started construction of the Mars Rover Art Car using existing materials, but more is needed!!!

Click on the video above to see the Mars Rover Art Car under construction by the Desert Wizards of Mars!  The photo shows the shields for the Nuclear Power Supply & Grilled Cheese Oven that will go on the back of the car.