Ray Cirino joins Mars Rover Art Car

Ray Cirino joins Mars Rover Art Car

Ray Cirino is the creator of “Sparky” the Dragon Oven that makes various foods from very low energy sourced tigs, and wood. Sparky is perhaps the world’s first mobile, eco-friendly dragon oven, made from recycled and reclaimed materials, from the bamboo ribbing of her wings to the ornate oven door from the 1800’s.

As a Captain on the MRAC, Ray will be building a Rocket Stove that will resemble the nuclear power supply on the Rover. The MRAC will demonstrate and educate people regarding permaculture and sustainable methods to cook and achieve energy because when we travel to Mars, the astronauts will rely on reusable resources.

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  1. I wanted to take a moment and say, this sounds amazing. I am based in LA, with a background in Mobil communications and networking and would love to help. (14 years on playa, Volunteer, Greeters, Gate, Artery, etc etc etc).

    I also forwarded your video link to John Y. Currently the manager of social media for NASA. He is kind of a geek too.

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