Welcome Tony Gerber “Cypress Rosewood”, Music Composer


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Hey gang, please welcome space music, and native music artist Tony Gerber also known as “Cypress Rosewood” as he has joined our group as our official music composer.

A space music artist with over 30 recordings, music scores for films, and planetarium shows, like “Nine Planets and Counting”, also the soundtrack to a Second Life science exhibit on “Nanotubes” . His group, Spacecraft has scored music for films including Paramount’s “Vanilla Sky”. He has performed live concerts in planetariums, museums, galleries and festivals around the US.

A pioneer of live space and ambient music, he has performed over 800 concerts of his unique music on the virtual world grid in the past 5 years.

His websites:




Camp Envy Knows Remote Webcamz Baby!!

Picture of Jet Burns watching Camp Envy w/Bacon

Camp Envy Google Doc of Web Cam Presets:  Google Doc Link

That link above is a list of .CAM PRESETS on google docs which is editable by the public (I was inspired by the open .cam experiment).   Camp Envy Live Feed Here

So what if we put a remote camera in the on the Mars Rover Art Car camera mast that actually works? Awesome live feeds to the internet that are controllable by the users with .cam commands. We can make that happen, yes… yes we can.   The folks at Camp Envy have got this act down and a partnership with us and them would be made of pure awesome sauce.  I’m even thinking about remote driving radical inclusion, and I got the SAFE way to do it in my head.


Congratulations Curiosity and the MSL Team

The Mars Rover Art Car is being built by a group of talented people from the Los Angeles area, being supported from people from all over the United States via the Internet collaboration tools. Many of the members come from the Los Angeles League of Arts, several Burning Man camps, and other art cars like Charlie the Unicorn and the Dancetronauts. The name of the core build group is a not so well kept secret of “The Desert Wizards of Mars”.

On August 5, 2012, the employees at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory pulled off the most amazing technological feet in space exploration by safely landing a 1 ton rover on Mars. To pay tribute to their achievement, we want to build something special for events like School Visits, Science Fairs, and Burning Man.

This is a private, and volunteer funded art car that would be an artistic “steampunk” version of the Mars Curiosity Rover except built to hold about 6 human passengers. The car will be one of the most technologically advanced cars as it will have real remote sensors like a weather station, gps tracking, camera, and crowd sourced navigation system, all based via the Internet.

Like the real rovers, a project of this magnitude requires many different people with many different skills.  The Desert Wizards of Mars will bring together a community of builders, electricians, mechanics, engineers, artists, fans, and supporters to build the Mars Rover Art Car.

Now for the funky stuff…. This effort is not funded, sponsored, sanctioned or anything official with JPL, NASA at all.  We are private citizens that have a right to express our art  of Space Exploration.  Please see the “About” page for proper disclaimers.